Puppy advice

Getting a new puppy is a real highlight for most of us, and I am no exception. However, sometimes we – and especially our children – are so dazzled by puppy love that we act on impulse and get the first pup we see. By the time that cute bundle of fluff has reached full-on hormonal adolescence, growing a few inches as well as nipping and chewing his way through our home, some of us realize that perhaps we have chosen the wrong type of dog for us and our lifestyle.

puppy training - caring for puppy
puppy training - nursing Labrador dam
puppy training – problems like chewing a shoe
puppy training - preventing play biting

Here is where a little homework and guidance can save you real heartache and frustration down the line. It is also where I can help.

Personal puppy service

I offer a full personal puppy service, where I am able to draw on my extensive knowledge of dog breeds and types, as well as best breeding and puppy rearing practice, to find the best puppy for you and your lifestyle, setting you up from day one to succeed.

There is no doubt that nature as well as nurture are equal influences in creating the perfect family pet, so knowing about your pup’s genetic background, as well as where and how it has been reared, are key first steps in making the right choice for you and your family.

The personal puppy service includes:

  • Helping you identify what it is you really want in a pet dog, rather than what you think you want.
  • Building a shortlist of breeds or breed types, most likely to meet your expectations and lifestyle.
  • Identify ethical and competent breeders.
  • Produce a fully tailored package for your new puppy, including equipment, diet, socialization and early puppy training.
  • Backup by email and phone for the first 6 months of your pup’s life.