Rescue dogs

With rescue centres overflowing it is no surprise that many kind-hearted people want to give a rescue dog a new home.

rescue dogs - beautiful dog with blue eyes
Rescue dogs in a cage

If you are one of those people then first let me say good for you. However, welcoming a dog with an uncertain past into your home deserves proper consideration and planning, for the sake of all concerned.

New rescue dog owners may find themselves contending with a problem they cannot figure out and had not foreseen. The dog seemed fine at the rescue centre but after a few weeks in the new home starts to show a new, difficult side and the rescue centre cannot help.

Having worked with dogs in rescue I am familiar with a range of problems that rescue dogs may be more than usually susceptible to. Such problems may be the result of the rescue dog’s insecurity and stress, sparked by the unique, even traumatic, experience of finding themselves in rescue kennels, often for the first time and often for a long time.

I offer structured, behavioural advice and training for rescue dogs suffering separation anxiety; dogs showing destructive and/or aggressive behaviour in the home; dogs with toileting issues and dogs with various types of obsessive compulsive behaviours and phobias.

I also offer a rescue research service where I will go with you to a rescue centre and liaise with the rescue to find the dog best suited to you, your family and expectations. This is combined with a tailored backup report with training and advice, to get you and your dog off to the best start.