Vet referral

If your dog starts to show new and unusual behaviour like sudden aggression, or your pet becomes fearful and anxious out of the blue, it may well be that an undiagnosed illness or medical condition is causing your dog to behave out of character.

vet referral - sick dog

In cases like this I always advise my clients to first get their dog to the vet and ensure their pet has a clean bill of health, before embarking on any behaviour work. It also makes sense for your vet to refer your dog to me after a full health check – this way everyone involved in your dog’s welfare has the full picture and that is best for you and your dog. Referral is simple and easy to do, just download the referral form below and ask your vet to fill it out and return it to me.

Make sure you check out your dog’s insurance. Many insurers will now cover behaviour work under veterinary referral.

London Dogs Training Vet Referral Form – click to download.