Many owners think that their dog has a behaviour problem, when all the dog actually needs is some structured training. I will teach you how to ‘think dog’ to train your dog.

All dogs need clear, consistent boundaries. You must teach your dog what to do before you can tell him.
Dog training on the beach
Dog training with treats
Dog training with a ball

One to one training

Problems like pulling on the lead, being too boisterous, not coming back when recalled, even barking too much, can all be rectified with the right training.

Key to solving a training issue is:

  • understanding what motivates your dog
  • clear, consistent communication with your dog
  • clear, practical training steps that enable you to have the responsive and attentive pet you want
  • Increasing owner confidence in the ability to ‘think dog’

I will show you how to strengthen the bond with your pet to make him more responsive to you – a dog that willingly pays attention to his owner is happier, eager to please and more obedient.

I offer tailored one to one training packages, built around your needs and those of your pet. Sessions last for one to two hours and take place at your home. Please contact me for further information.

Training Classes

For those of you who would prefer to attend a class, I run weekly classes at an established and Kennel Club accredited dog training school in south London. At South Eastern Dog Training Society we offer basic puppy and dog training with progression through all levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards, up to advanced obedience and agility.