If you are having a problem with your dog’s behaviour you need to be sure that the expert you contact to help you is properly qualified and has studied the science of canine behaviour in depth.

A dog with no structure is an unhappy dog; an unhappy dog is a stressed dog; a stressed dog cannot learn.

dog behaviour problems – aggression
dog behaviour problems – poor socialisation
dog behaviour problems – aggression to other dogs
dog behaviour problems – socialisation
dog behaviour problems – territorial behaviour
dog behaviour problems – hyperactivity

I am an associate member of the professional body for canine behaviourists, the The Canine Behaviour Training Society (Formerly the UK Registry for Canine Behaviourists). Members of the organisation go through a stringent selection and accreditation process, they must be fully qualified and insured, and are required to stay abreast of the latest developments and techniques in the field of canine science and behaviour.

Behaviour problems are often complex and the job of the behaviourist is to unpick all the information to get to the bottom of the problem and to come up with clear, practical solutions.

A thorough knowledge of canine psychology and behaviour, as well as plenty of hands-on experience, is key to getting and staying on the right track.

Most recently I have helped owners and their dogs with

  • aggressive behaviours to humans as well as to other dogs
  • dogs with serious toileting issues
  • dogs with a range of phobias, including noise phobias
  • coprophagia (eating pooh)
  • separation anxiety and nervous behaviour
  • obsessive behaviour
  • object and resource guarding
  • territorial behaviour
  • hyperactivity

I am also experienced in advising on less complex behaviour/training problems like:

  • excessive vocalisation,
  • excessive nipping/mouthing
  • ‘bratty’ teenage dog behaviour

A behaviour consultation takes between 2–3 hours and will involve taking a full history as well as assessment of your dog in your home. Consultation is followed up with a detailed report including a carefully tailored behaviour programme, outlining any interventions with training steps clearly and simply. All my clients are able to contact me after consultation and for backup by email and phone for an agreed period after consultation. I follow up in 6–12 weeks. In the case of veterinary referrals I will also write to your vet.

Prior to consultation I ask clients to read and fill out a behaviour questionnaire.

London Dogs Training Client Questionnaire (Digital version) – click to download

London Dogs Training Client Questionnaire (Print version) – click to download

How to fill in the form
Either print the pdf and complete by hand. Post the completed form to Leonie St Clair, 15 Chesterfield Grove, London SE22 8RP
Or fill in the file electronically and email to